It is our mission to connect worlds, save lives, and master major challenges.
We consider this to be our responsibility. The German aerospace industry is successful globally due to its track record of innovation and creating cutting-edge technologies.

  • CO2 dry ice pellets just a few millimeters in size remove dirt in engines
    of the week
    A clean engine thus saves up to 80 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg has now developed a globally unique process that cleans engines even faster and with less residue.
    Innovation of the week
    The new process is called Cyclean dry ice. A mobile cleaning system is backed up to the engine – no matter where the aircraft is standing – and sprays pellets of CO2 dry ice a few millimeters in size at high pressure into the turbine. On impact, the -78,5 (-109.3 °F) cold pellets release kinetic energy, removing impurities.
  • In May 2020, ILA Berlin is pleased to welcome the aerospace world to Berlin. We invite you to join us at this high-tech event.

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