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The German Aerospace Industries Association

The German aerospace industry drives jobs, sales, and technology in Germany and is crucial to overcoming various urgent societal challenges: protecting the climate, ensuring safety, security and safeguarding the rule of law and democracy.

Uniting more than 260 member companies, located in all parts of Germany, the BDLI serves as the single voice of the German Aerospace Industry, distinguished by its international technological leadership and global success. The German aerospace industry is not only a driving force of economic growth and technological innovation for the German economy, but also a major employer of highly skilled talent. Directly employing more than 115,000 people, it is active in almost all the strategic key technologies of the 21st century, generating an annual turnover of 46 billion euros (2023).

What we do

The main tasks of the BDLI are to communicate with political institutions, authorities, associations, and foreign representations in Germany and to support the business development of its members at home and abroad.

ILA Berlin – Pioneering Aerospace

The BDLI is the owner of the ILA Berlin brand. The international trade show will take place from 10 to 14 June 2026 under the motto "Pioneering Aerospace".
Learn more about ILA Berlin 2026

The BDLI is officially accredited at the German Bundestag. It is a member of the European umbrella organization AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI).

Since January 2022, the BDLI has been registered in the federal lobbying register. This ensures transparency and traceability in political advocacy efforts. In 2023, the BDLI allocated 1.32 million euros at the federal level, approximately 26.57% of revenue generated by membership fees.