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Advanced Air Mobility

Mobility in the third dimension

Novel, transformative aircraft - so-called Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOLS) - are playing an increasingly important role in our modern transportation infrastructure.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is an aviation concept that integrates new, innovative aircraft designs and technologies into existing – but rapidly adapting airspace operations. The aim is not only to transport people efficiently, sustainably, and safely. AAM also offers great potential for goods, as goods can cover distances easily and sustainably, especially in underserved regional, urban and rural areas. AAM creates innovative yet cost-efficient aircraft - civilian drones and piloted air cabs.

. In addition to advanced electric aircraft engines and propulsion systems, eVTOL manufacturers also require autonomous flight control systems as the integration of eVTOLs into the air traffic system is the central challenge to overcome. It requires clear European and national regulation of responsibilities and processes, for which the BDLI is campaigning.