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Start-ups - innovative and agile

Start-ups are synonymous with growth in all sectors of the economy and are also indispensable in our high-tech aerospace industry.

New Space, the commercialization of space and its increasing integration with other industries, is rapidly gaining importance worldwide. Space is crucial for the development of future technologies and therefore serves as the "operating system" of a digital and sustainable industry in the age of the Internet of Things.

New Space offers significant opportunities for Germany: thanks to established companies, courageous founders and private investors, a space ecosystem at the forefront of global technological development has emerged in Europe in recent years. However, in terms of skills, technologies and investment, the US and China are currently widening their lead. Germany and Europe need greater ambitions with correspondingly forward-looking political support in the space sector in order to protect and strengthen their own competitiveness and security.

More and more players in Germany are active in the New Space sector. New Space stands for successful cooperation and forward-looking synergies between small and medium-sized companies, established companies, and start-ups in the space sector. Together, they are driving the commercialisation of space in Germany and Europe and creating New Space innovations that benefit the population, the economy, and politics.


Start-ups also create numerous innovations and future-proof products in the security and defensce industry, helping our country to survive crisis situations and to emerge from them even stronger.

Flugmaschine fliegt ├╝ber eine Stadt mit angrenzenden Wald hinweg

In the civil sector, start-ups are using their focused technological expertise to create new, climate-neutral, and sustainable forms of mobility in urban and regional air transport.

The BDLI brings together young technology companies that enrich the industry with their disruptive impulses and are committed to a safer, more connected, and sustainable world with government actors, established companies, and investors. At the intersection of these stakeholders, we support the digital transformation of the aerospace industry. Together, start-ups and established companies can learn quickly from mistakes, develop systems accordingly, and tailor them to better serve customers - especially at a time when new ideas need to make a rapid impact.