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Digitalization and Cyber Security

Digitization needs cyber security!

Cybersecurity and digitalization play a crucial role for the aerospace industry. They help to ensure the safety, efficiency, and performance, serving as the foundation for the competitiveness of aerospace products and technologies.
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Industry 4.0, digital platforms, cloud computing and big data - new technologies are opening numerous opportunities for companies along the entire value chain. Be it for aircraft manufacturers or suppliers: digital technologies offer great potential in responding to existing challenges. However, they open up vulnerabilities for some of the most sensitive parts of this high-tech industry.

As these threats are omnipresent today, and are increasingly focusing on aerospace systems, digitalization in the aerospace industry cannot function without cyber security. To tackle these issues, the BDLI pools the expertise of its member companies in the field of digitalization and cyber security. The association identifies and supports digital policy projects at the national and European level with regard to the opportunities and challenges they present for the aerospace industry. We develop coherent positions and communicate them to the relevant stakeholders.