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  • The ArianeGroup in Bremen will take over the entire integration of the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 upper composites with mostly digital processes in the future. Innovation of the week
    Innovation of the week

    The upper composite sits at the topmost tip of a launch vehicle. After launch, it is separated in orbit from the central stage and injects satellites into orbit. The ArianeGroup is assembling the upper composites for Ariane 5 and 6 in Bremen; in technical jargon, this is called integration. All components, large and small – such as tanks, the engine, the outer shell, electrical elements and piping – are assembled into a finished upper composite.

    The newly developed software transmits work instructions and 3D images of the components to the mechanics via tablet or data glasses. In addition, the mechanics can enter feedback, such as torque or other measured values, or report faults to the production system. A demonstrator that resembles an Ariane 5 upper composite assembly can be used by integration staff and technology enthusiasts to test the electronic process.

    Digital construction manual for the Ariane rocket

    More than 150 folders full of blueprints, work instructions and 2D drawings are needed to assemble the upper composite of an Ariane 5. The mechanics of the ArianeGroup in Bremen are master of this complexity. In the future, the company wants to digitize workflows.

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