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#Space4u – Space fascinates, connects, and protects

Space technologies allow us to communicate worldwide and formshape global connections. SpaceIt improves our medical care and helps to better protect our environment and human lives. Space is all-encompassingeverything!

The importance of space is greater than ever before. Space is more important than ever. Most of the challenges facing modern society can only be solved with innovations from the space sector.


Sustainability as well as environmental and climate protection are the most pressing issues of our time. Space has a key role to play here, for example in environmental and climate monitoring. Through high-precision, global, and long-term measurements, earth observation satellites provide objective information that is essential for understanding climate change, making valid forecasts and informing the right policy decisions for sustainable development.


Digital applications and commercialisation: Space-based solutions play key role for most facets of digitalization. Satellites capture, store, process, and send large amounts of data, providing the basis for digital applications. This benefits existing industries and new applications are emerging!

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Innovation and new technologies: The aerospace industry boasts one of the highest rates of investment into research and development, which enables significant contributions to the creation of new technologies. Foundational research and innovations benefit millions of people directly. Especially in space research, international cooperation plays an indispensable role, providing new insights into the development of the Earth, our solar system, and universe we live in, shaping our understanding of ourselves and our reality.

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Prevention: Space enables both crisis prevention and early warning in order to protect people and the environment. Disaster Prevention: Space enables both the prevention and early warning systems for crisis scenarios to protect people and nature. For instance, Earth observation satellites measure environmental indicators such as humidity levels in trees to prevent forest fires, or warn decision-makers of impending floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. This protects human lives and strengthens the resilience of ecosystems, societies, and economies. Ensuring the reliable functionality of space infrastructures is essential for this.

Satellite Orbiting Earth
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Safety & Security: Space-based systems are an important component of the security architecture of states and alliances. They are becoming increasingly important in view of the growing number of politically and technically complex crises and conflicts. Space enables modern operational and armed forces to conduct reconnaissance through high-resolution situational awareness, comprehensive and encrypted communication for cyber security as well as precise navigation and positioning. The safe operation of space infrastructures, which is also necessary for this, requires a close monitoring of „space weather“, the protection of space and ground infrastructures, and the avoidance of space debris.

Space plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability of our way of life. An independent European access to space, a resilient space infrastructure, satellite-based data, and services - our economy, science and society need all this, especially to tackle the issues of climate change.
Marko Fuchs
BDLI Vice President Space