AIX 2023: The role of Cabin and Cargo for sustainable Aviation

Invitation - The role of Cabin and Cargo for sustainable Aviation, AIX 2023,

Dr. Marc Fischer, Head BDLI Working Group Cabin/Cargo and Senior Vice President Engineering Cabin & Cargo, Airbus invites to discuss with him and guests the role of Cabin & Cargo for sustainable aviation.
Sustainability is a top priority for civil aviation now and in the years to come. Beyond new propulsion systems and sustainable aviation fuels, there are many other parts of the aircraft that deserve our attention, including and especially Cabin & Cargo.

A selected panel consisting of representatives of our industry will discuss the impact of Cabin & Cargo on a more sustainable aviation. This is based on the results of a working group, which was formed under the umbrella of the BDLI Cabin/ Cargo, to draw a common industry perspective from OEMs, suppliers and engineering service providers.

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