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Two technical events – the Berlin Aviation Summit and the FORUM – form the core parts of #AeroDays2020 in Germany. At the high-level opening event, Berlin Aviation Summit on 24 November key players from all relevant stakeholders will share and discuss technology perspectives, investment strategies, and policies. The talks and panel discussions at the innovation platform #AeroDays2020 FORUM will dive into some more level of detail, address a wider audience, and invite all participants to a dialogue. The evening reception of the German EU-Council Presidency hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy will complete the #Aerodays2020 in Berlin.

Day 1 – 24 November 2020:
Berlin Aviation Summit & Evening Reception of the German EU Council-Presidency

In times of political and societal demand for emission-free aviation, the future of aviation is under scrutiny. What are the major challenges for the commercial aviation business in the future? Will passengers be willing to pay the bill for climate-neutral aviation? Which technological innovations will be necessary to produce future aircraft? How can we increase efficiency in air traffic management while maintaining the highest safety standards? And, in particular, most recently, how does the current crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic affect aviation today and in the future? The answers to these and many other questions will shape the future of aviation and liven up the title of the event Aviation for the Future - Change is Now.

Day 2 & 3 – 25-26 November 2020:
#AeroDays2020 FORUM

The innovation platform #AeroDays2020 FORUM aims to provide feasible technological solutions to the strategies discussed at the #BAS2020. By concentrating on research, technology and innovation as enablers of climate neutrality, environmental protection and industrial leadership, the talks and panel discussions at the FORUM will address the aviation’s most urgent - and fascinating - issues.