Eco-efficient flying: Cabin and Cargo as major pillar for sustainable aviation

Cabinspace AIX 2023
• Crucial role of cabin to accelerate environmental efficiency in aviation
• German cutting edge innovations from OEM and supplier industry foster decarbonisation, recycling and circularity
• High-level panel on ground-breaking role of sustainable cabin of future

Sustainability is our key priority as we take civil aviation into the 21st century. What impetus there is to #TakeOffToZero “made by cabin”? With this background, the BDLI Cabin/Cargo Working Group brought together industry-leading minds to discuss the role of Cabin and Cargo for sustainable aviation at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), 6-8 June 2023 in Hamburg. Through a high-profile panel discussion, moderated by Mary Kirby, founder and editor of Runwaygirl Network, important industry experts shared their insights and perspectives for a more environmentally efficient aviation industry:

Marc Fischer, Chairman BDLI Working Group Cabin/Cargo
Jörg Schuler, BDLI Vice President Equipment & Materials
Roland Grimm, Director Supply Chain & Sustainability, RECARO Aircraft Seating
Sandra Bour-Schaeffer, Head of Cabin Procurement, Airbus
Hans Bernd Aringhoff, Head of Corporate Innovation, Lufthansa Technik

"Sustainability is a top priority for civil aviation now and in the years to come. Beyond new propulsion systems and sustainable aviation fuels, there are many other parts of the aircraft that deserve our attention, including and especially Cabin and Cargo", states Marc Fischer, Chairman BDLI Working Group Cabin/Cargo.

The experts emphasized that the aircraft cabin plays a crucial role in reducing the aviation industry's ecological footprint. During the entire life cycle of an aircraft, the cabin and its operations represent roughly 10-20% of the overall environmental impact, and provide numerous opportunities for fostering decarbonization, recycling, and circularity. Through shorter development cycles and a variety of levers such as weight reduction, recycled and recyclable materials, smart energy and resource management and many more, the cabin is predestined to accelerate environmental efficiency in aviation.

“Lightweight and sustainable cabins are making a difference in eco-efficient flying. Cutting edge innovations from the supplier industry contribute to this goal. By upgrading cabins with lightweight solutions, biologically recycled materials, and efficient power supply systems, sustainability, and eco-efficiency of the aircraft can be improved significantly. Every gram saved translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions”, underlines Jörg Schuler, BDLI Vice President Equipment & Materials. As part of the event, the BDLI whitepaper "the role of Cabin and Cargo for sustainable aviation" was released, offering valuable insights, key priorities and fields of action for industry and policy makers. The whitepaper is now available in English and German for download.

The event was organized by the BDLI  (German Aerospace Industries Association), in collaboration with leading companies in the aviation industry: Accenture, Airbus, Collins Aerospace, Diehl Aviation, Lufthansa Technik, RECARO Aircraft Seating and SAFRAN.


Cornelia von Ammon

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