Industrial-political position UAM & RAM

Industrial-political position URBAN & REGIONAL AIR MOBILITY

Evolving new technologies and business models, respectively, and greater environmental awareness have in recent years dramatically changed the way people want to get around. Ultimately, by the end of the 2020s, aviation will look different from what it did at the beginning of the millennium.

The European Commission’s Vision for Aviation “Flightpath 2050” envisages that 90 percent of all travelers in the European Union shall be able to reach their destination in less than four hours. Urban and Regional Air Mobility are key enablers for achieving this goal. However, clear legal frameworks are needed for the strong development of these markets and for the operation of commercial flights. These must be developed and implemented in dialog with industry. Designed for urban and regional use, electric vertical take-off and landing air vehicles (eVTOLs) and hybrid electric aircraft with short take-off capability and landing (STOLs) are promising modes of mobility. Their promotion deserves special importance in Germany, as they will close a gap in the need for seamless transport options.

First positive steps to strengthen the position of Urban & Regional Air Mobility (UAM/RAM) taken by politics and ministries have become apparent. With the federal government’s action plan and the emergence of smaller, well-tailored funding initiatives, as well as the increasing search for coordination with industry, the first signs have been set. However, these activities are still quite fragmented. For this reason, this topic deserves higher strategic attention.

 As technology representatives we, therefore, request politics to:

  1. recognize eVTOLs/STOLs as a strategic technology of the future,
  2. protect the investment climate and to support the supply industry,
  3. expand funding programs and make them more flexible,
  4. intensify investment in UAM infrastructure,
  5. accelerate planning and approval procedures,
  6. exempt non-fossil flights from air transport tax,
  7. strengthen societal acceptance.