ILA Berlin 2018

High-ranking political visitors to ILA Berlin 2018

  • Federal Chancellor to open ILA
  • Economics minister Altmaier to meet start-ups at the Future Lab
  • Joint visit by the defence ministers of France and Germany
  • Attractions in the air and at the static display: A380, A340 BLADE, A350, B747-8, A400M, Beluga, CS-300, Kawasaki P1
  • DLR with research aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and the latest space flight technology

The world’s leading trade show for innovations in aviation and space flight, the ILA Berlin, opens on 25 April. For five days Berlin will be the international aerospace hub and will be exerting its fascination for the benefit of more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world.

Federal Chancellor to open the ILA on the first trade visitors’ day

Due to the political and strategic importance of this industry, high-ranking political visitors are expected to attend. The ILA Berlin 2018 will be officially opened at 1 p.m. on 25 April by Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. In the course of her tour the chancellor will be able to see for herself the innovations and the most advanced technology in the aerospace sector. She will be accompanied by the Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer.

Peter Altmaier meets start-ups

On the opening day of the ILA it will also be visited by the Federal Minister for Economics, Peter Altmaier, whose responsibilities also include the aerospace industry. At the ILA Future Lab the Federal Minister for Economics will be holding discussions with established companies and also with international start-ups.

Partner country France – a further boost to German-French relations

France is the partner country of the ILA Berlin 2018, which is expecting visits by high-ranking political guests from that country. Convincing evidence of the partnership between France and Germany will be provided by the arrival together of the defence ministers Ursula von der Leyen and Florence Parly in an A400M. A full-scale model of the new EUROMALE will be unveiled during their visit to the fair. The two ministers intend to follow this with the signing of a declaration of intent on the acquisition of bilateral projects.

International delegations

Many members of parliament from Germany and abroad are expected to attend the 9th International Parliamentarians’ Day on 25 April. Responding to an invitation from the German Foreign Office and the BDLI, ambassadors accredited to Berlin will be visiting the ILA on 27 April for the 11th Ambassadors’ Day. Other delegations from all over the world will also be attending the ILA.

Attendance by leading representatives of the federal government and Bundestag (lower house of parliament)

Shortly after being appointed the federal government’s aerospace coordinator, Thomas Jarzombek is expected to visit the ILA. During this visit he will be opening the ILA Future Lab, a joint initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy and the BDLI to support the development of innovative and disruptive technology in the air and in space.

Another member of the Bundestag who will be visiting the ILA is Klaus-Peter Willsch, Chairman of the Parliamentary Aerospace Group.

“Best ILA ever“

The continued efforts to develop the ILA into the leading trade fair for innovation under the concept of Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace are regarded as highly promising. All available space on the 250,000 square metres of Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, directly adjacent to the southern runway of the capital’s future airport BER, has been booked. International demand is substantially higher this year: Some 1,100 exhibitors from 41 countries are occupying 50,000 square metres in the halls and chalets, as well as 100,000 square metres of outdoor display space for their presentations. 200 aircraft can be seen on the ground and in the air.

Acording to the CEO of BDLI, Volker Thum: “The ILA Berlin provides Germany with the trade show for innovations, highlighting advanced technology ’Made in Germany‘ and attracting visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, from start-ups to well-established concerns. Our efforts have been focused on ensuring that the world’s oldest air show has become synonymous with Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace, serving as a stage for the presentation of innovations and technical developments. The ILA Berlin 2018 will give a boost to the industry around the world. Furthermore the choice of France as the partner country is not only a manifestation of many years of successful German-French friendship in industry and politics but also of the outstanding prospects for these two countries.”

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin GmbH, added: “Berlin ExpoCenter Airport provides the world’s aerospace industry with the ideal site for presenting its innovative products and services in line with market requirements. The ILA is the only place where the future of the aerospace sector can be experienced at such close proximity. It is only here that visitors can obtain such fascinating insights into every aspect of this high-tech sector, making attendance at this event a truly memorable experience. Its must-see programme of flying displays alone makes the ILA one of the most visually impressive trade shows to be found anywhere, ensuring that it will be an outstanding media event again this year.

Attractions in the air and at the static display

The impressive exhibits have attracted high-ranking political delegations and a large number of applications. The 100th Airbus A380 belonging to Emirates, and the world’s largest passenger aircraft, will be making an appearance. The European aerospace group will itself be represented at the air show by the world’s most up to date long haul aircraft, the A350 XWB, the A340BLADE research aircraft and the Beluga transporter. Lufthansa will be showing the flag with its Boeing 747-8, the latest version of the jumbo jet. The CS-300 from Bombardier can be seen during the trade visitor days.

Innovations at every altitude

In addition to its passenger aircraft, Airbus will be using its solar drone, the Zephyr, to demonstrate what is achievable at high altitudes. There will also be a model of the CityAirbus, to give an idea of what unmanned flight in urban areas could be like.

“Lift Off” with the DLR

Unmanned flight, quiet landings and a greenhouse in the Antarctic: the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) will be using the ILA Berlin to explain its role as one of the largest institutional exhibitors and the force behind numerous research topics in aviation and space flight.

Taking a look at aviation of the future the DLR will be placing a major emphasis on unmanned flight, with examples such as the UFO project (Unmanned Freight Operations), which offers solutions for the integration of unmanned freighters in existing air traffic. With the aim of reducing aircraft noise, researchers at the DLR have developed a system intended to assist pilots, LNAS (Low Noise Augmentation System). Visitors will be provided with explanations about the settings and controls required to enable this system to achieve the most effective low noise approach. A model is being used to demonstrate the work being carried out on quiet engines with active noise reduction by means of compressed air injection and anti-noise measures. The A320 ATRA is the largest research aircraft operated by the DLR and is being exhibited in a fully aerodynamic flight testing configuration together with three other DLR fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

The DLR display also features the subjects of earth observation, suborbital hypersonic transport and exploration. The display includes Tandem-L, an innovative concept for a radar-assisted, global system for monitoring the environment and climate, and the Franco-German satellite mission MERLIN for obtaining global readings of the greenhouse gas methane. Visitors can also inspect a model of the SpaceLiner, an imaginative idea for a suborbital, hypersonic winged passenger transporter that could also be modified to create a fully re-usable, unmanned space transport system (RLV) as a cheaper method for launching satellites into orbit. A model of the EDEN-ISS Antarctic greenhouse is also on show. This is currently being tested over winter in a permanently frozen environment to investigate the possibilities for supplying food on the Moon and on Mars. Together with partners from the Japanese and French space agencies JAXA and CNES, the DLR stand also features the Hayabusa II asteroid mission, showing a full scale model of the space probe and the piggyback lander MASCOT.

A close-up on space flight

The ILA is Europe’s leading exhibition on the subject of space flight. An 18 metre high model of the future Ariane 6 launcher is being used to emphasise European ambitions in space. The Astronauts‘ Day and ILA Space Day explain about living in space and provide a platform for discussions about the pre-eminent topics in the field of space flight. The German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer will be meeting the public and details will be presented about future missions to the Moon and Mars.

Exhibits that pack a punch

Military aviation again occupies a prominent place at the ILA. This year Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, are again the largest single exhibitor. Exhibits include the Eurofighter and the A400M, as well as many other aircraft and helicopters. Among the highlights is the ultramodern US multi-role combat aircraft, the F35 from Lockheed Martin, along with the French Rafale and the Gripen operated by the Hungarian air force. Each day at the ILA visitors can see the Kawasaki P1 marine reconnaissance aircraft. During the ILA the CH-53K from Lockheed Martin will be making its first airborne appearance outside the USA. This manufacturer will also be demonstrating the F-35 Lightning II and the C-130J Super Hercules in flight at the ILA.

The trade show will be open daily from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and the general public will be admitted from 2 p.m. on 27 April (Friday). The ILA Berlin is organised by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and Messe Berlin GmbH.