The next ILA will take place on May 13-17, 2020

Countdown to ILA 2020: Focus on protecting the climate

> Debut: ILA 2020 in partnership with European Commission to present AeroDays
> Green aviation: The ILA shows how flying can be made cleaner and quieter

Climate protection and sustainability will be the main themes of the ILA 2020 (13-17 May). The Paris Air Show provided an opportunity for the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and Messe Berlin to present the highlights of the ILA 2020. Making its debut next year at the ILA Berlin: the European AeroDays with the European Commission as partner.

“The ILA Berlin is a major attraction for the international aerospace sector”, according to the BDLI Managing Director Volker Thum. ”The ILA is synonymous with innovation and leadership in aerospace. And there is also a clear focus on climate protection at the ILA 2020. Our industry is committed equally to meeting ecological and economic objectives: Every litre of jet fuel that can be saved helps to protect the environment and reduce airlines’ costs. More than one thousand exhibitors will be presenting innovative solutions which are intended to contribute directly to further reductions in the emissions and noise produced by aircraft. In addition to a drastic lowering of noise levels, since 1970 our industry has also cut CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by more than 70%. And our hi-tech industry is pursuing the long term aim of making aviation climate neutral.”

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin GmbH: “Next year the ILA Berlin will continue to fulfil its role as the leading platform for innovation and presentations for the entire aerospace sector. Innovation, sustainability and digitalisation are the driving forces behind the advanced technologies on display here. With the European Commission as partner and the AeroDays as a leading event in European aviation research, the ILA 2020 will point the way for international joint ventures and the transfer of knowledge at the highest level.“

Making flying even quieter, cleaner and safer

Flying today is safer, cleaner and quieter than ever. Leading companies are working to develop the innovations needed to meet these objectives. Significant weight reductions can be achieved with components made using new types of materials such as ultra-light compounds, thereby saving fuel too. Hi-tech materials enable the efficiency of turbofans to be improved even further. Hybrid-electric propulsion systems and alternative fuels are showing how aviation can become greener than ever, with the aim of making it climate-neutral. With digital technology innovative engines can give advance notification of essential maintenance and repair work.

Autonomous flying is really taking off

Soon pilot-less air taxis could be the dominant factor in inner city mobility, powered entirely by electric motors. Drones are opening up new possibilities in many areas of industry – from precision farming to bridge or dam maintenance as well as delivering drugs to remote regions and disaster areas. The latest visions and innovations will be featured in the displays at the UAS Innovation Hub at the ILA Berlin.

Europe’s largest space exhibition

The display devoted to space at the ILA Berlin is truly unique: In a display that is both comprehensive and transnational, agencies, science, established space flight companies and new space start-ups will be coming together to present innovations and developments that will benefit mankind. In fact the aerospace sector places a greater emphasis on international joint ventures than almost any other. In the interests of making access to space safer, the programmes being implemented in space research, satellite communication and earth observation therefore tend to be on a partnership basis.

Strengthening Europe’s security structure

Defence and security are another major aspect. With the FCAS programme (Future Combat Air System) Germany and France, soon to be joined by Spain, are now writing the next chapter in cross-border cooperation. FCAS incorporates various systems to enable new combat aircraft to interact with swarms of drones as well as enabling existing aircraft such as the A400M and A330MRTT to be integrated in a combined system along with new manned and unmanned systems in the air, in space and on the ground.

Exclusive market place for the supply industry

The International Supplier Center (ISC) provides a separate hall where over 300 companies from the supply sector all over the world can present their latest innovations. For potential customers and partners the ISC is a highly efficient way of making initial contacts and engaging in discussions with the supply industry. The emphasis here is on direct contacts with buyers.

Europe is a powerful partner of the ILA

The European Commission is an important partner of the ILA 2020. Collaboration between research and industry is closer in the aviation
and space sector than it is anywhere else. The partnership with the European Commission underlines the importance of cross-border joint ventures. It is against this background that the AeroDays are taking place for the first time in Berlin. This is the leading event for European aviation research and every four years it serves as a meeting place for scientists and also for decision-makers from industry and politics, where they can discuss sustainable concepts and innovations.

The core elements of the AeroDays 2020 will be the Berlin Aviation Summit (BAS) and the ILA Future Lab Forum (FLF). The BAS, which has been described as the “Davos of aviation”, will be taking place on 12 May, on the evening preceding the opening of the ILA Berlin. Leading representatives of industry, administration, politics and the world of finance will be using this outstanding event to discuss the future of aviation. Here too attention will focus on climate protection. The ILA Future Lab Forum brings the subject matter of the BAS live into the exhibition halls at the ILA, providing some fascinating keynote speeches and panels featuring papers on the latest technology that will be setting the trends in the aerospace sector.

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