Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V.

Trade association of the German aerospace industry
HYDRO Systems KG

Ahfeldstraße 10
D-77781 Biberach/Baden
Phone: +49 (0) 7835 787-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7835 1823
eMail: info@hydro.aero
Internet: http://www.hydro.aero

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Barbara Huttegger,
Thomas Besch
Products and Services: 
With experience of more than 45 years HYDRO is supplying Aircraft Ground Support Equipment and Maintenance Tooling for both, the civil and military aviation sector. Our extensive product range includes:

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Tripod Jacks; Axle Jacks; Towbars; Tail Support Stanchions; Landing Gear Equipment; Shoring Equipment; Wheel and Brake Change Dollies; Service Carts; Recovery Equipment

Aircraft Maintenance Tooling
Licensee of Airbus; Licensee of Boeing; Licensee of Goodrich; Licensee of Sukhoi; Licensee of Antonov

Engine Ground Support Equipment
COBRA Engine Change Equipment; Engine Handling Equipment; Cradles & Trollies for Shop Handling & Engine Transportation; Engine Transportation Stands

Engine Maintenance Tooling
Official Aero Engine Tooling Service Provider of Rolls- Royce plc for Civil Large Engine Programs, covering: Line Maintenance Tooling; Module Change Tooling; Build/Strip Tooling; Electrical Test Equipment; Component Repair Tooling; Engine Transportation Stands

Engineered Solutions
Turnkey Projects – Aircraft Final Assembly Lines & Test Docks; Engineering Services; Customized Solutions for Component Handling and Installations

Calibration of Gauges, Torque, Wrenches, Load Cells etc.; Evaluation, Repair and Overhaul; Recertification and Modification; Proof Load Testing (In-House and On-Site); Testing of Electrical Equipment; Local Customer Support Service; Certified Repair Station for Didsbury Hoists; Training and Commissioning; Repair Stations strategically located around the world
Research and Technology Development Priorities: 
Ongoing further development of standard products, e.g. through use of new materials, new sensor technology, optimised automation and new drive systems. Platform strategy, modular construction, new assembly and manufacturing technologies.


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